Brigade IF


Brigade of Cookies At Night
Santa’s around the corner … Best time of year! Happy holidays! :)


Mesmerizing IF


I decided to upload the other drawing. When I started this blog I wanted to do some exploration. Maybe off, sometimes on, sometimes not so much, so here it is.
This is a version.
(This is for last week’s word.) Best wishes.

Mysterious IF

Mysterious Time

I had a mysterious time creating this, Nancy Drew, book covers, clock faces, well … it is all very mysterious. This is my submission for this week’s topic. Hope you have a good week!

Inspiration link, I have this book, didn’t know it was the first one.

Disguise IF

Nature's Disguise

“Nature’s Disguise”

It’s been a long time. Posting this week. Hope all is well.
I thought about how Nature has its own disguises, found this link and here it is.

Reference photograph – sister’s.