Bondaries IF

boundless ideas

In a rush. This is for Illustration Friday this week. May rework it. This is it for now.


Mysterious IF

Mysterious Time

I had a mysterious time creating this, Nancy Drew, book covers, clock faces, well … it is all very mysterious. This is my submission for this week’s topic. Hope you have a good week!

Inspiration link, I have this book, didn’t know it was the first one.

Disguise IF

Nature's Disguise

“Nature’s Disguise”

It’s been a long time. Posting this week. Hope all is well.
I thought about how Nature has its own disguises, found this link and here it is.

Reference photograph – sister’s.

Safari IF


“I wanted to do something else for Safari” but this is what I ended up with. I guess my safari detoured …

Beginner IF


Beginners in love – this is my submission for this week’s Illustration Friday.
I was inspired by Roger Hargreaves when I saw his illustrations on Google. I wondered what my interpretation would be. Miss Red and Mr. Not-So-Blue.

Bicycle IF




Bikma (bike-ma, like carma, but with “bike”)

Here is my submission for this week’s topic, “bicycle”, for Illustration Friday.
I used to have a Carma (yes, with a “C”, I believe) – a friend gave it to me for Christmas one year. It was a stick-on statue to put on your dashboard to help with finding good parking. So I send you good wishes for excellent health!

I did a revised color version. (updated)

Cultivate IF

“Cultivating J”
I wasn’t going to post, was late, wasn’t finished – all of those. But somehow the desire to create felt better than not doing it, so here it is, my submission for Illustration Friday.