I have worked doing proofreading, though it took me 2 days to realize the post came out as Bondaries. It’s supposed to be “Boundaries.” Boundless ideas would be great. Spellcheck in the title area would be great too. The permalink would be broken if I changed it so here is the “u.”


Bondaries IF

boundless ideas

In a rush. This is for Illustration Friday this week. May rework it. This is it for now.

Mysterious IF

Mysterious Time

I had a mysterious time creating this, Nancy Drew, book covers, clock faces, well … it is all very mysterious. This is my submission for this week’s topic. Hope you have a good week!

Inspiration link, I have this book, didn’t know it was the first one.

Disguise IF

Nature's Disguise

“Nature’s Disguise”

It’s been a long time. Posting this week. Hope all is well.
I thought about how Nature has its own disguises, found this link and here it is.

Reference photograph – sister’s.


I could write about the weather. Glad for it to be over. We got through it. Over 8 inches, 22 hours of rain.


After a long time of not writing, I am getting back in. Not sure about Post-A-Day. I stopped in June and 2 months feels like too long to miss. I want to weather this weekend.

Gesture IF


“My dog.”
This is my submission for this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “gesture.”
Feels good to be back. :)

Swept IF


This is my submission for this week’s Illustration Friday.
“I got swept away looking for the ink, my calligraphy dip pen and nibs …” Now it’s so late.