Dusty Chicken

I’m posting today because I missed Chicken – last week’s Illustration Friday topic. This week’s topic is Dusty, so this is a hybrid of the two. We’ll see how it comes out.

“Dust Chicken” as in dust bunny but with chicken.

This is also PostADay 22. For information about PostADay, WordPress’s year-long blogging experiment, click here.

Addendum – I may wait to link it, or create a new one. It’ll be my post for today still.

1-24-11 – Haven’t done a new one as of yet. Here is my submission for now.

8 thoughts on “Dusty Chicken

  1. Janet

    I love the dust chicken, if I had these under my cupboards they would be welcome to stay, :-). i especially love the eye and decorative comb and bit underneath ( not sure what thats called.

  2. EVA

    Hi JA

    Thank you again so much for thinking of me!! I wrote my follow-up today.

    Your dusty chicken is lovely but much too pretty to be a dustballchicken! lol

    A postaday? A big challenge!!

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